About Us

Here are a few words about the company and what are goals are in the future.

The company

P2Assessments is a company that was founded quite recently, in 2016. It is a project started by me, Max Herrera and my good friend John Hutchinson. Next to us, we employ two other people to help us with design and photography. For aerial photography we are using the best drones with zoom camera. Both me and my parter have 10 years of experience each on our previous gigs. Since our drones are pretty expensive, and not everyone could afford one.. we often get asked questions like “What’s the best drone under $200” Here’s answer.

With this company we hope to help out small business owners out there who have problems getting visitors to their websites. Having an online presence these days is very important. Lots of business is lost without it. P2Assessments uses online advertising services like AdWords to help drive visitors to your website.

Our goals

Right now P2Assessments manages Adwords advertisement campaigns of about a dozen small businesses and companies from all over California. In the future we of course hope to have that number much higher. Covering new grounds won’t be easy, but we think that we have what it takes to pull it off.

One of the ways how we plan on doing that is by introducing alternative pay-per-click services, AdWords competition, into the mix. Recently the cost per click figures for AdWords have been going up. They are getting out of reach for most startups. We’re currently looking for decent alternatives. Stay tuned for an update.

Our services

Here’s a short overview of our services.

Strategy development

For example, you have a website dedicated to selling GoPro drones and want more visitors. We will work out an online ad campaign for your website in order to attract more visitors.

Keyword research

In online campaigns, each click counts. Picking just the right keywords for your campaign is very important. We will work with you in order to maximize the reach of your ads.

Campaign optimization

If you have a campaign that is currently active we can optimize it to achieve the best possible results. Are you sure you're getting your money's worth with the current campaign?

Detailed stats

Each click that is made gets logged and detailed reports are made for each cent that you spend during the campaign. Detailed effectiveness reports for each month are given.

Our team

P2Assessments team currently consists of 4 guys and gals. Here’s a few words about them.

Max Herrera

Max Herrera


I'm the co-founder and CEO of P2Assessments. Most of my time is spent working on the accounts that we currently manage. I'm also in charge of finding new clients, so a nice chunk of my time is spent on that too. In my spare time I enjoy reading a book or going to the movies.

John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson


Hi, I'm John and together with Max I founded P2Assessments. My role in the company is that of a CTO. Basically I oversee all the projects and make sure that proper techniques are applied on each campaign that our firm manages. When I'm not working I relax by playing games or watching a movie.

Diego Morales

Diego Morales

Accounts Manager

Hi everyone, not sure what to write here really. My name is Diego Morales and I've been a part of the P2Assessments team for a month now. My job is that of an accounts manager. I deal with clients on a day to day basis. Free time for me usually consists of going out on a walk with my dog or cooking a nice dinner with my girlfriend.

Jeannie Fitzpatrick

Jeannie Fitzpatrick

Accounts Manager

As the latest hire, and I mean like only a week has passed since I was hired, I can't really say anything else other than my name is Jeannie and I'm here to manage AdWords campaigns. I've worked this gig in my last company for 4 years. When not working you can find my out on a run, or cooking at home.


Become our client

If you like what you’ve heard up until now we urge you to at the very least contact us. Tell us what kind of website you have. Do you have a web shop where you sell good or are you offering services. We will perform a preliminary analysis of your website and give you an estimate of what needs to be done. All of this is of course done free of charge. You will only start paying if and when you decide to actually hire us. This offer won’t be up for a very long time. Visit the contact page in order to get in touch with us. For obvious reasons, in other words its our job, we are pretty much always online. Expect a reply within a few hours. Unless it’s a weekend. Thank you for your time and we hope we’ll hear from you soon.

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