Are Facebook Ads a good AdWords alternative?

Quite recently we posted an article where we posed a question whether or not AdWords was getting a bit too expensive. Let’s face it, for some keywords the cost per click is getting ridiculously high. One recommendation against such behavior that we made is for people to try and boycott AdWords, stop using it as much or at all. Doing that begs the question what to use instead of AdWords. One alternative is Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads – a Google AdWords alternative?

Facebook Ads for some reason often gets overlooked by PPC campaign management experts. Truth be told they are lacking in some features, but their pricing is much more competitive.

Two main areas where Facebook Ads might be a bit lacking is ad targeting controls and ad statistics reporting. Fraud detection is pretty good though. It’s lacking some features but there’s plenty of them that are available for some highly targeted and cheap advertising campaigns. Finding cheap and high quality visitors for a clients website is the duty of every online campaign management specialist. By switching to Facebook Ads, at least for a part of the campaign, you’ll be doing just that. As of late we are experimenting with a mix of AdWords and Facebook Ads. We’re run this combination for a while and report back on the results to see what kind of effect using Facebook Ads has had.